Mark In Action

Mark In Action Awards recognise those individuals and teams who live up to the goal of making the Unipart brand the mark of outstanding personal customer service.

Through Mark In Action, Unipart encourages its employees to provide world class levels of productivity, quality and customer service. The programme prides itself in recognising both large and (what may appear on the surface) small actions, which often go unrecognised in other companies.

Keeping our Customers on Track…

Unipart Rail supplies and installs a broad range of rail infrastructure products such as signals, cables, overhead line and level crossing parts. One day, one of our engineers was on site and overheard a couple of Network Rail engineers discussing a thorny problem that they had. Scott thought he might just have a solution for them... Network Rail had a problem sourcing critical parts for a panel which needed urgent modifications. The local engineers could not find a supplier for the parts, and their only option was to order a whole new unit. These are bespoke products, it would have taken weeks to order a new part and would come with a significant price tag. Cost was not the only dilemma for the local engineers, installing a whole new unit involved re-design work, and significant safety implications in taking the existing panel away. This was a real headache. Scott thought he might have an alternative solution for them. He offered his advice and advised them that he might be able to help. He knew that Unipart Rail had some spares back at base from a previous panel modification. He went back, sourced the parts, ensured they were correct and to standard; he then created a prototype. He tested this and found that it was successful. He liaised with the design engineers, demonstrated the panel, proved it would work and would save both time and money. He helped bring about a win-win solution for everyone. The reason these actions stand out, and demonstrate how our Mark in Action winners go above and beyond to deliver outstanding customer service, is that Scot thought about the problem that the client was facing; he understood the implications completely and solved the problem creatively. He took the initiative and worked with the client to build a workable solution that resulted in significant savings for the client, saved critical time and helped to build a relationship of trust and collaboration with the client. He truly went “the extra mile” to keep one of our customers “on track”

UTL Makes the Difference

One of UTL’s major media clients was launching a new strategic project, with huge volumes of new stock needing the very latest software loads. The launch involved multiple trials, and the resolution of a myriad of technical issues. With go-live dates shifting and changing, UTL had to deliver ultimate flexibility. This is where Wayne stepped up and assumed complete responsibility for every single aspect of the project handover into business as usual activity. Throughout the launch Wayne showed total commitment to the customer. He took on the challenge of delivering this programme successfully at a very personal level, constantly focusing on the next priority, chasing and challenging both the client and UTL team members, quickly reacting to every change and issue as it arose. He dropped everything and personally followed any service failure investigation through to a conclusion. Imagine getting the call from a client on a Friday saying that a software upgrade was needed before distribution of product on a Monday, and taking every step necessary to get every single hard drive due for shipment ready to go. It was this kind of attention to detail and personal commitment that really showed Wayne’s agility, flexibility, understanding of customer needs and a determination to deliver perfect quality that has earned him this well-deserved Mark in Action Award. Such was his dedication and commitment to the client that at a moment’s notice, over the weekend, he dropped everything and came in to load the very latest software onto the devices so that they were shipped with the most up-to-date upgrades. Thank you Wayne!